"Biopolymers from Syngas Fermentation"

SYNPOL  -  Biopolymers from Syngas Fermentation 

A Collaborative project of the 7th EU RTD Framework Programme


The basic idea  

of the SYNPOL project is the establishment of an integrated processing technology for the efficient synthesis of cost-effective commercial new biopolymers using the products derived from fermentation of SYNGAS generated from very complex feedstocks.

R&D activities will be focused on the integration of innovative physico-chemical, biochemical, downstream and synthetic technologies to produce a wide range of new biopolymers, based on a number of novel and mutually synergistic production methods, and including an assessment on the environmental benefits and drawbacks related to the concept.  

The SYNPOL platform allows the treatment and recycling of biological- and chemical-derived wastes and raw materials in a single integrated process.



Figure: The SYNPOL platform.